3-6 months must haves

I am sharing what works for Charlie.

A little update: No teeth yet. Eating solids but still breast feeding. ( I will do a post on what she eats, how we make it, and what we use within the next few days.)

Sleep: She sleeps in her bassinet from Pottery Barn we are transitioning to sleeping in her Nuna Aire crib

1. Teething 

3. Toys

We have tried so many different teethers and Charlie's favorite ones have been: 1. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether. It is easy for her to hold and she can't choke herself.  2. Sophie the giraffe is great, it squeaks and is easy to hold. 3. The banana is a good one too, but Charlie sticks it too far back in her throat and has accidentally gagged herself a few times. 4. Munch Mitt is great but she likes to hold things better. If you are only going to buy one I recommend the Comotomo. I always take a wubby to bed with me because she likes to hold something while sleeping and it helps self-soothe. 

2. Activity Mat and Walkers

To be honest I thought I wouldn't buy any ugly colorful toys but let's get real babies love the gaudy Fisher-Price toys, so I will share some of our must-haves.
Thanks to the piano play mat I can make myself coffee in the mornings (she kicks at this thing for hours).
I bought the rainforest jumper for my parents' house, and ended up bringing it home since she liked it so much. The pink car I use when I'm in the kitchen so I can keep an eye on her. She pushes the buttons on the dashboard, and they make noises that keep her stimulated. We don't have any carpet in our house so a playmat is a must. 

4. Carriers

She loves the ergo 360. She likes to see everything in the forward position. I have the ergo and the tula. The tula is more comfortable for the parent especially if you are petite. The ergo is more practical and has more ways to wear it. Verdict: I would recommend the Ergo.

I take the Fisher-Price dog when we have a long car ride. Mommy hack (if you hold down her heart she sings all her songs)

The activity bar is a must it keeps her busy in the car and when she's in her stroller. 

I linked a few toys Charlie loves. 

Baby paper (soft and crinkly) keeps her entertained for a good amount of time. She chews on it, she fans herself, and it makes noise. 

Charlie's favorite things are her are baby feeders. They are amazing! When Charlie was 3 months I would put frozen breast milk in them, and she loved it (note: it is a little messy, but kept her busy.) Now I use fruits like bananas. I like the Kidsme one best, it is easier for her to hold and it's smaller. One plus of the Boon is that it fits more.