Teddy grey's sprinkle

Teddy Bear Theme

We celebrated Baby Boy Z this weekend and if you follow me on Instagram you saw we revealed his name...Teddy Grey! With his name, we thought it would be only fitting to do a teddy bear themed party to celebrate him. As you might have deciphered by now, I am not too fond of color so I went with pale blue, white, clear, and grey (as fitting since his middle name is Grey) (Darab did not participate in the theme as you can tell from the pictures haha)

This pregnancy has flown by! I have been so busy that I decided to keep everything very minimal for baby deux. We sold our house and moved the day before the sprinkle. To say we are exhausted is an understatement. We have not closed escrow on our new house so it has been very  hectic. We are currently staying at my parents' house until we get the keys to our new house. To top all this chaos off, my mom was walking Charlie in her stroller and she tripped and fell. Charlie and her stroller ending up flying down the street and crashing into a neighbors garage door. My mom had a bruised hip, knees, and elbow. I almost cancelled the party. I was so upset with myself because I turned the automatic break feature off of her MILKBE stroller. This could have all been avoided if I didn't mess with this safety feature they have. 

Being the queen of procrastination, I left all the work that needed to be done for the night before. I don't think I would have been able to get everything together in time if it wasn't for all the help I got from my cousin Dorsai. We made a balloon garland / arch and filled the party favors. I didn't order enough m&ms so we made a late night Target run and discovered marshmallow flavored m&ms, they are amazing, and you're welcome! I got all my decorations on Amazon, and I borrowed Charlie's grey teddy bear. 

The theme was teddy bear, for obvious reasons. 

All photos were taken by: Adam Levinstein Photography

Thank you to all the Vendors that made his party perfect!

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Balloons: by me
Flower Arrangements: by me
Cake and Cake Pops: CA Bakery & Cafe
Cookies: KH Baking Co. by Kacy Hyder
Signs and Tags: Sound of Scripts
Invitation: Sound of Scripts 
Photographer & Videographer: Adam11Stein

Party Favors: 
I stuck the dippers on with ballon dot tape.
Marshmallow M&M's
Bear with Baby Blue Caps
Wood Honey Dipper Sticks

sour strips
blue gummy bears
white gummy bears
blue rock candy

light brown
fuzzy light brown


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