Charlie's SecondKitty pawty

Charlie turned TWO!! I cannot believe it. My sweet, outgoing, independent, little girl is growing up so fast. 

Charlie, you are the love of my life. You bring so much joy not only to my life, but everyone around you. I am so lucky to have you as my daughter. I always dreamt about having a little girl and you are so much more than I could have ever imagined. You are so happy and see the good in everything. You are my real life doll. Please don't ever change XO your mommy/ BFFL 

As most of you know we have been renovating our house since May, and we finally moved in the weekend before Charlie's birthday. 

I always had the intention of throwing her a party, but this year our lives have been hectic with: moving, renovations, and oh yeah, having a baby! With limited time to plan/prep, we decided to do something small at the park. Charlie is obsessed with our cat, even though the cat usually runs away from her, so we figured throwing her a cat party only seemed fitting.

My decorations didn't go as planned. Let me tell you decorations and DIY is exponentially harder with two kids! I made a balloon arch, but the balloon garland didn't fit in the car so we had to leave my balloons and some decorations at home. Darab was working the day of Charlie's party so I didn't have my usual assistant =). Oh, and my car died the day before the party so transporting things became really difficult. 

I seriously can't thank my cousin, Dorsai, enough. She helped me with everything. 

Charlie loves horses and riding anything she can while saying "pittyco" (its the sound a horse makes in a Persian version of Old Mcdonald that Charlie was obsessed with when she was younger). Despite things not going exactly as I had imagined, at the end of the day she is TWO after all, and all she cared about was having a good time, so the day was a success...well it was a success until the party was over, when she cried as they took down her bounce house.

All photos were taken by: Adam Levinstein Photography

Thank you to all the Vendors that made his party perfect!

Cake and Cake Pops: CA Bakery & Cafe
Cookies: KH Baking Co. by Kacy Hyder
Signs: Sound of Scripts
Photographer & Videographer: Adam11Stein

Adopt a Kitty Party Favors
Plush kittens
cat ears
table cover