Charlie's Sweet one

Swan Party

I cannot believe my baby is ONE! This year was the best year of my life. Charlie Noor you gave my life purpose and make my world brighter. You are my dream baby and I cannot believe what a smart, sweet, and happy little girl you have become. 

I love planning parties and DIYing. The big problem with that is I often find myself biting off more than I can chew, combine that with my propensity to procrastinate, and I usually can't get to do everything I have planned in my mind. Her party was perfect, but I didn't get to creating all the things I wanted. (SHHH!)

Setting up and planning a party with a baby is so different! I would have to wait until she fell asleep at night to do anything. To all of my great vendors that got a ton of late night emails... I'm sorry!

I threw her party at my parents house in Orange County, because:
One, my house is tiny.
Two, a lot of our friends and family live in Orange County and no one likes driving in LA traffic. 

The theme was swan princess, because swans are so cute, and I am sure next year when she's old enough to make decisions on her own, she'll want a Winnie the Pooh themed party. If you know me, or have followed any of my other work, I love WHITE themed parties. For Charlie's party I wanted to add a little color, so I went with white, and threw in some pinks. 

Some of my inspo came from my best friend Sheeva! She had a neon sign at her engagement party and I loved it so much that I decided to steal her idea for Charlie's birthday. Later we are going to put the neon Charlie sign in her playroom. Her party had so many options for photo ops! We had a photo booth, balloon arch over the cake table/entry, and the cutest lace teepees; one for babies and one for adults! Since it was a day time party we had a taco to the bar of course.

I love ballon arches. They are so playful and add so much to a party. Did I mention that they're super easy to make and cost effective? Sadly as hard as Darab worked to pin it up, it fell half way through the party.

All photos were taken by: Adam Levinstein Photography

Thank you to all the Vendors that made her party perfect!

Teepee: Tiny Land US Large / Small
Crowns: Love Crush Crowns 
Neon Sign: Love Struck Lights 
Cake Topper:Ever Artisan Designs 
Balloons: by me
Flower Arrangements: by me
Cake and Cake Pops: Sweet + Saucy
Photo Booth: Usie Booth
Welcome Sign: Sound of Scripts
Invitation: TLCSquared 
Photographer: Adam 11 Stein
Videographer: Forever Ace Production

Classic Benz
Wicker stroller

Outfit Details:

Two piece
Eyelet Dress

Persia: Romper


To make the backdrop for the photo booth I repurposed some of the flowers from my engagement party and added some new faux flowers from Micheal's and Joannas.

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My best friend, Mahsa, is so talented! She made the most beautiful welcome sign. Go check out her Etsy! She does custom orders too!! Sound of Scripts