3 year anniversary

Today marks our three year wedding anniversary. This is the best anniversary yet, because we get to celebrate with Charlie. Jeeze, does time fly! I remember our wedding like it was yesterday.

I have been meaning to blog on our wedding and this seemed like a great opportunity to get the ball rolling. 

Book your photographer and venue ASAP! (they book up fast, especially during high season May-Sept)
Try not to stress the small details, things usually end up working out. 
Enjoy every second of the planning process because you wedding day flies by in the blink of an eye. 
Don't let others talk you out of ideas you have. It's your day, do you!
Keep it to close friends and family (almost impossible in the Persian community). You don't want to spend your entire wedding saying hello to guests, especially if there are ones you don't know. 

Say Yes to the Dress: My Big Day

Some of you have seen our wedding on Say Yes to the Dress: My Big Day. SPOILER ALERT: reality TV is DRAMATIZED. Deciding to let the cameras follow me during my wedding planning process was super fun, and it worked to our advantage getting discounts from vendors, but a lot of things ended up being misinterpreted. 
The producers wanted to push a narrative of me as a spoiled bridezilla, and initially I gave in, playing into the lines they wanted me to say. After getting more comfortable in front of the camera, I started to really act like myself, but by that point it was too late, they had all the footage they needed to frame their story.
To this day I get people that say they're surprised that I'm not a "Persian princess" like they saw on TV. Also, another dirty secret is they didn't use almost any of Darab's footage, because he was joking around and sarcastic the whole time, so while they had a great time with him off camera, his lines didn't work with their narrative.
All in all, it was a very fun experience that gave me a ton of insight into what really goes on with "reality" TV shows. 

All Photos were taken by @DUKEIMAGES

1.My dress wouldn’t come off at the end of the night. After what felt like an hour of struggling, I told Darab to just rip it off, thinking to myself, worst case I will just get the zipper replaced. In the miracle of all miracles, when I looked at my dress the next morning it was in perfect shape. 

2. We did our first look twice for the cameras. The producers really wanted Darab to wear a white suit jacket to the wedding, but he said that the only way he would do that was if he got to choose the jacket and get it custom tailored to fit him. Little did they know, he had already been considering a $3,000 white dinner jacket that David Beckham wore to the Met Gala earlier that year. The producers weren't ready for a groom looking for a jacket that cost as much as a wedding dress, so they compromised and bought him the jacket to wear for pictures, without getting it tailored, so that they could return it after the shoot. 

3. A big drama point from the show was my earrings disappearing. My mom thought she lost the earrings I was suppose to wear, but they ended up just being in her purse all along. 

4. Our florist doesn't get the best edit in the show, but they were absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend them.

5. After the first look Darab asked if I had been drinking. I may or may not have had a few mimosa while getting ready with the girls. 

6. I didn't actually pick out the bridesmaids' dress. My bridesmaid Sheeva picked it out, and everyone else loved it.  

7. I never questioned my veil, that was for TV.

8. I wrote my vows the night before at 2 am. They edited out part of my vows because I referenced a One Direction lyric.

9 Our hash tag #DaPerWedding is DArab and PERsia combined.

10. We didn’t serve cake, we had a dessert trio instead. 

10 Fun Facts


Photography: Duke Photography

Videographer: Impressive Creations

Wedding Coordinator: The Besharati Group

Venue: The Resort at Pelican Hill

Floral & Event Design: Square Root Design

Cake: Sweet & Saucy

Flower Girl Dresses: Isabella Coutures

Invitations & Calligraphy: Creative Works Designs

Music & Entertainment: Kamran & Hooman 

DJ: Deejay Al 

Makeup artist: @iluvsarahii

Hair stylist: artak

My Accessories & Dress:

Dress & veil: Pnina Tornai

Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik 

Headpiece: Maria Elena Headpieces 


Lashes: Huda Beauty


Inside Weddings: Persian-American Wedding with Mirror Detailing in Newport Beach, CA

TLC Say Yes to the Dress: My Big Day: Persia