Kitchen remodel

When I was five months pregnant we sold our condo and purchased our first home. We needed a bigger place with a guest room and a yard for the dogs. I have experience with flipping homes, so it just seemed fitting to flip a house to build a home to our taste. We ended up finding a 1920's house that needed a major makeover. When we first checked it out, I wasn't really into the property. I saw that it had potential, but the house was dark and was in dire need of a facelift. On the other hand, Darab saw the potential in the house and pushed for us to get it. He loves my aesthetic and knew I could make this a beautiful home for our family. 

I'm going to focus this post on our kitchen and dining room, but ultimately we remodeled our entire house. Not only did we change the layout in our master bath, bedroom, and kitchen; we remodeled the bathrooms, changed the flooring throughout, converted our garage into a laundry room, and we redid all of the landscaping.

Moving while pregnant is stressful, and I seriously do not recommend remodeling a home with a baby bump. We were in a race to get the house ready before the baby was born, which we ultimately lost, our house wasn't ready when Charlie was born, so we had to stay with my parents for a few weeks. Having extra people around to help with a newborn though was a blessing.  


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I hated the original layout of the kitchen. It was choppy, and had no cabinet space. There was also a door from the driveway that entered into the kitchen which took up a lot of space. Overall, the kitchen lacked functionality. 

I removed the door which made the kitchen flow better. Goodbye choppy! Removing the door just gave me more options to do what i wanted. The island was ridiculously small so I decided to get rid of it and I added a peninsula instead. The flooring was hideous and uneven so it had to go. I did the same engineered hardwood throughout the house. All in all, my goal was to make the house feel brighter.

Alexander McQueen PJS / French Press / Bar stools

I would say our kitchen style is modern meets classic. I went for a super clean and bright kitchen. It's simple, but beautiful. We redid the entire layout from scratch. I have always wanted white shaker cabinets and I finally got to do it for myself (although I have used the concept for several houses we flipped). As for countertops, we went with quartz. Not only is quartz more affordable than marble, it is more durable as well. I was having such a hard time finding a quartz counter I actually liked. When I finally came across calacatta blanco by Vadara I fell in love. For the backsplash I knew I wanted to do subway but my husband really pushed for us to do beveled subway tiles. I was hesitant but I'm glad he pushed for it because it turned out amazing. I love playing with patterns when it comes to tile work so we went with a herringbone backsplash over the hood and peninsula. 

Since I was little my mom always had a passion for designing homes and I think it rubbed off on me.I love renovating houses. When I was little we didn't stay in a house longer than three years. My mom loved moving. I think I am the same way...we are currently on the hunt for a new house yet again.  


Outfit details: Dress / Charlie's Romper / Charlie's headband

As for my dining table, I found the legs at Restoration Hardware outlet for $450 and I bought the carrera marble separate and had it custom made. 


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