MY UNICORN Baby shower

I decided to have my shower at 28 weeks because my entire family had a trip to Paris planned for early July to attend my cousin's wedding, and I wasn't sure if by the time they all got back I would have time to throw a shower. Ideally, I had wanted to wait until 32 weeks. 

How did I choose my theme? Truthfully, I mainly chose to go with a unicorn theme because unicorn cakes and cake pops are so adorable. As for colors, as some of you may already know, I love everything white. Fortunately for me, my friends talked me into adding just a little bit of variety. I ended up going with pale almost white colors. The color theme was: light pinks, whites, and gold. My mom and a few of my best friends hosted my shower at my parents' house. I wanted to do a co-ed baby shower, because I wanted to include my husband and my brother. 

Cake: Sweet & Saucy 

Melody Melikian

Star event productions

This is the same bakery I used for my wedding cake 


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Balloon Garland 

 I love DIY so I helped with the decorations...and lets get real I am very bossy when it comes to planing, so I made all the final decisions when it came to decorations. It took a village to prepare the decor. With the help of my hubby and three amigos we blew up what felt like a thousand balloons, to garnish two balloon garlands.

I linked a few of the DIY and decorations I used. 


1.Blow up balloons
2.String balloons together randomly with blunt needle and fishing string
3.Hot glue smaller balloons in the gaps
4.Tape to backdrop

Flower Crown

Baby roses