nursery reveal

Unlike most people I didn't have the opportunity to "nest" while I was pregnant because our home was being renovated. When I was five months pregnant we sold our condo and purchased our first home. Our house needed a lot of work and we ran into a few problems during renovating, so it took a lot longer than we had anticipated.

When Charlie was born we went to my parents' house for the first two weeks. To say our house was upside down was an understatement. It was so stressful not being able to bring my brand new baby to her new home. The possibility of our house not being ready before the baby arrived was a fear I had throughout the last few months of pregnancy, but like most things normally do, it all ended up working out. Being at my parents house was super helpful.

The day before our newborn session we moved back into our house, and had to set up Charlie's nursery. To this day, her nursery is still not one hundred percent complete but I can say it is my favorite room in our house. It is bright, soothing, and serene.

One big mistake I made was not buying an outfit for our newborn session before I gave birth.The day before our shoot, I came to the sad realization that I didn't have anything to wear. I thought I would wait and see what clothing I already had would fit me, but what I should've done is buy a few different pieces and seen what would look good. Luckily I ended up finding something, but I was cutting it really close time wise; especially when accounting for the life adjustments related to being a new mommy and trying to function while constantly sleep deprived.

My photographer, Cori, was amazing. She was great with Charlie and she came prepared. She brought a few outfit choices for me. I ended up wearing one of her dresses and one of my own. I love the feeling of her photos they are dreamy, light, and airy.

All the photos were taken by Cori Kleckner